Status Saver for Whats

Status Saver for Whats

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Beschrijving van Status Saver for Whats

Easily save or share the status of your WhatsApp friends that you have already seen in that messaging application.

     This application allows you to:

* Save the status of your friends that you have already seen.

* Share the statuses in your social networks, or save them in the cloud.

* Delete the images that are occupying memory in your phone indefinitely.

* Optionally edit the images with third-party applications before saving them.

     Permissions requested:

* Access to phone storage

  If you need to authorize access to storage again you can slide your finger on the screen down.

     It is well known that sometimes we are interested in a meme, or photograph of friends or family members, as well as videos that seem funny to us. This is the opportunity to get hold of that content that otherwise not all users would be able to.

     It also happens that this content remains in the memory of our devices for an indefinite time occupying the capacity that sometimes we need to use our applications, so this app allows you to eliminate all the content of WhatsApp that is no longer useful.

You can also join the Beta testers team and try the latest features before anyone else.

     Questions and suggestions to:

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